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Property Management Success Made Easy with INFO-Tracker™ 

Find out how Whistler Resort Management (WRM) streamlined operations and saved with INFO-Tracker™. 

As one of the largest property management companies in Whistler, British Columbia, Whistler Resort Management (WRM) experienced rapid growth in 2010, with the firm’s portfolio doubling over the previous five years. Although this growth was welcomed, it created several new operational challenges.

To streamline operations, the WRM team began looking for a solution that would enable them to operate more efficiently and automate repetitive tasks. After researching their options and conducting their due diligence, they ultimately determined that INFO-Tracker™ from Netintegrity was the ideal solution for their needs.

To learn more about WRM, we put together a case study that outlines:

  • The challenges WRM faced that caused them to start looking for property management software.
  • The features that ultimately attracted WRM to Netintegrity’s property management solution.
  • How WRM used INFO-Tracker to increase productivity and reclaim significant chunks of time, generating instant ROI.
  • And more!

Download the case study today.

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