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Past Webinar: Automating Letter Distribution

We are sorry we missed you. View our upcoming webinars here or fill out the form to schedule a time to talk.

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Join our live webinar and learn how Netintegrity’s property management software can help you automate letter distribution and improve the resident and owner experience.


Many property management companies are still managing communications manually. Not only does this take a ton of time, but it also increases the chances errors are sent out.

Register for our webinar to learn how Netintegrity enables you to:

  • Streamline tasks that used to take several days into something one employee can do in 30 seconds.
  • Standardize how you communicate.
  • Consolidate the number of manual notices that have to be sent.
  • Utilize a standard notice template across your portfolio.
  • Broadcast critical updates to owners, tenants, and residents in real time.
  • Deliver consistent brand experiences with standardized formatting.
  • And more!

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