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I focus on building new client relationships that lay the foundation for our mutual long-term success. My goal is to assist you in understanding the benefits of our technology solutions that meet today's demanding business requirements. Allow me to apply my expertise to develop an enterprise-class solution within your budget, that exceeds your expectations. I can help you assess your readiness, develop adoption strategies, and position your organization to reduce costs and improve service levels. Contact me to get started today!


5 Reasons You Need to Ditch Excel and QuickBooks for Property Management Software
Is your property management company still using QuickBooks or Excel for accounting and other tasks? While these programs may have once served their purpose, if you’re still using them today, you are missing out on a number of key features and benefits that can help you grow your organization and achieve continued success.

Make Meetings More Efficient In Your Property Management Company
We’ve all been there. Stuck in a meeting that seems completely pointless, thinking about all the things we could and should be doing instead. It’s not our imagination. Statistics say that approximately half of time spent in meetings is wasted. Eliminating them altogether, however, isn’t always possible. 

Tips on Leveraging Freelancers for Your Property Management Business
These days, thanks to technology, hiring freelancers to handle any number of tasks for your business is no longer a challenge. In fact, doing so can provide your company with access to a global talent pool and save you money on things like long term benefits that a full or even part time employee would likely incur.

6 Habits of Strong, Effective Property Management Leaders
In order for your property management organization to function at optimum performance, you need strong, effective leaders at the helm. How can you identify those individuals who would be most likely to excel in a leadership role? Simple. Look for people who exhibit the following habits and characteristics. 



Netintegrity Will Preview Its OneLink® Portal At The ACMO/CCI-T Condo Conference
The OneLink® Property Management Portal Cuts Admin and Maintenance Costs while Enhancing Customer Service.

Christone Enterprises Selects INFO-Tracker™ As Its Property Management, Maintenance and Accounting Platform
Property Manager Will Integrate Leasing, Accounting, Billing and Maintenance Onto a Single Platform.

Netintegrity Helps Property Management Companies To Protect Their Business From Fraud With State-of-the-Art Check Printing Technology
The Secure Solution Also Enables Companies to Reduce Their Inventory of Check Stock and Save Money.

Netintegrity Inc. Recognizes the "Super-Users" of Its INFO-Tracker™ Property Management Software with Awards
Awards Presented to Outstanding Property Management Staff Members of Industry Leading Companies from Coast to Coast.

Resource Guides

For the past 20 years, Netintegrity has taken an active role in being a valuable resource to our property managment customers. Our partnerships with industry leaders in a number of relevant fields enable us to assist you and your organization with most issues related to building an extraordinary business.

The Property Manager's Guide to Creating a Corporate Vision
The Property Manager's Guide to Building Brand
The Property Manager's Guide to Building an Extraordinary Team
The Property Manager's Guide to Maximizing Productivity
The Property Manager's Guide to Creating an Extraordinary Customer Experience


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