INFO-Tracker™ Third Party Rental Management Software
Optimizing the business of property management

Significantly increase productivity, reduce operating costs, improve customer service and take on additional clients — all without hiring additional staff.

With a proven track record that spans over 20 years in the property management industry, INFO-Tracker™ delivers a high level of enterprise-wide automation and end-to-end integration that remains unsurpassed.

The most comprehensive suite of Accounting, Maintenance and Management software for Third Party Rental Management

Leading Third Party Rental Management companies rely on INFO-Tracker™ to run every aspect of their business from; leasing and financial management, to accounting and electronic banking, maintenance and asset management, contact management, reporting and forecasting.

"We have determined that INFO-Tracker’s complete end-to-end integration and innovative automated functions is what really sets this property management solution apart from the other third party offerings on the market." Amanda Yau, Accounting Manager, Del Condominium Rentals

Not your typical off-the-shelf software

This cost-effective, comprehensive and easy-to-use solution provides automated functionality, flexibility, scalability and management controls that allow third party rental management companies to do more with less and position themselves for sustainable growth.

"INFO-Tracker is flexible and scalable enough that we can easily customize it for our specific owner and tenant needs — with all client information right there at our fingertips. INFO-Tracker™ was clearly the best solution available in helping us support our current and future business growth." — Rosetta Morales, General Manager, Del Condominium Rentals

Solutions that deliver a high level of integration, collaboration and success

• Property Management (Owner Investors & Tenants
• Contact Management
• Accounting & Financial Management
• Electronic Banking
• Routine & Preventative Maintenance
• Purchasing & Inventory Controls
• Project & Bid Management
• Integrated Site Management Portal
• Security Management Controls
• High Level & Granular Reporting
• Flexible Support Options
• Onsite & Virtual Training
• Dedicated Team of Industry & Technology Experts

Technology that makes a difference

• Substantially reduced operating costs
• Increased employee engagement and retention
• Increased customer satisfaction and referrals
• Decrease in tenant turnover
• Higher profit margins on existing business
• New revenue generating opportunities
• Clear operational insights enterprise-wide
• Unlimited growth potential

"To stay competitive, it is mission-critical to have a deeper understanding of our condominium rental portfolio. Using INFO-Tracker™ helps us access a single source of the truth, which is vital to our business as we ensure stronger customer satisfaction and prepare for the future growth of the company."
— Ted Maulucci, CIO, Tridel

✔ Recognized as one of the top 25 mid-market CIOs in North America
Recognized with "best in class" top 10 CIO in North America award by Computerworld

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Owner Investor Income Statements

INFO-Tracker™ automatically generates Owner Investor Income statements that can be printed or emailed to just one owner or to all, with the click of one button. With the fully integrated Web Portal, Owner Investors are able to access same income statements at their own convenience.

Automated Calculation of Management Fees

Management fees are automatically calculated and charged to Owner Investors.

Online Payments

Tenants can be set up with PAP, thereby reducing the frequency of late payments and improving cash flow. With the fully integrated Web Portal, Tenants get self-serve access to their individual ledgers, giving them a real time view of all transactions, complete with details for each transaction.

Split ACH (EFT)

INFO-Tracker’s ACH ‘split’ function allows two or more parties to make separate Rent or payments via ACH. Users are able to set up each ‘Payor’ and their portion of the payment individually. As each payment is made separately, complete tracking of who has made payments is easy.

Automated rent updates

INFO-Tracker™ automatically calculates rent updates and sends notices to tenants well in advance, ensuring that no one is taken by surprise.

Integrated report writer

Easily create and send letters, notices and legislation-specific forms using a built-in word editor. INFO-Tracker™ auto-populates each document with contact and financial information, without the need for mail merges or any other manual steps. Choose to send notices by email and/or mail. Quickly search for all past notices sent, by both property and unit.


Keep a complete contact and communication history for each property and corresponding owner investor and tenant. All documents generated within INFO-Tracker™ are automatically saved and made available for quick future reference. Property managers can also document the events of any phone call or other communication, by creating a new record directly in the CRM system.

Automated bank reconciliation

INFO-Tracker’s Automated Bank Reconciliation process is error-free and can be completed with the click of one button. Start by downloading the electronic bank statement from financial institution; INFO-Tracker™ then parses and matches each transaction and Suggests possible matches for discrepancies. A statement copy is automatically stored for financial records and financial statement kits.

AP procurement management

Save both time and money by automating the entire invoice Procurement and Payment process; from receiving invoices and capturing the data, to the approval workflow, tracking and reporting, payment authorization and issuing payments, including auto signing cheques with digitized signatures provided by client. Reduce manual entry, lost invoices, late fees, duplicate payments, paper filing and the costs associated with searching for documents as well as storage expenses.

Inter-company integrated solutions

When a Service Company is used for the majority of Maintenance Work Orders, most of the paperwork between the Maintenance Company and the Property Management Company can be eliminated with Inter-company Billing. Inter-company billing creates a payable invoice for the property, while simultaneously creating a receivable invoice on the Service Company side. Additionally, the ACH batch process will ‘pay’ the Service Company. Upon processing the ACH, the payable will be stamped as ‘paid’, corresponding GL entries will be made, AND receipts paying the outstanding receivable invoices in the Service Company will be posted, clearing the AR.

Asset management and maintenance spending controls

Put an end to invoices that no one knows anything about and place staff in a rules based environment where all spending is approved, tracked and accounted for. Get instant access to complete purchasing and work order history for all properties, establish and enforce spending limits, analyze the source of work orders, track all inventory and its location, dispatch maintenance staff and monitor timesheets.

Routine and preventative maintenance

All maintenance billing and payment processing is fully integrated with INFO-Tracker™ accounting, thereby facilitating automatic AP electronic banking transactions for vendors, and click of a button billing to owners and tenants for services and damages. Complete system integration also eliminates the need for maintenance and accounting personnel to enter duplicate information, effectively reducing both hours spent and errors made.

Mobile-ready solutions

Empower staff to get access to accurate information on demand from anywhere at any time. In particular, with the INFO-Tracker™ Maintenance Module in place, maintenance staff can view their job schedule and any special instructions while in the field, complete corresponding timesheets and make important notes in the system — all without having to travel back to head office.


Powerful Community Portals

Extend the power of INFO-Tracker™ to your customers and vendors with fully integrated OneLink® Community Management Portals.

✔ zero integration required
✔ sophisticated features, simple interface
✔ revenue center (vs. cost center)
✔ comprehensive business intelligence

OneLink® is the online command center that brings all parties together — and helps them get things done.

Frontline Staff & Middle Management

Senior Management & Executive Team

Vendors & Maintenance Staff

Owner Investors




INFO-Tracker™ OneLink® simplifies and automates all tasks associated with property management by taking everything online.

The next generation of property management technology facilitates communications between all parties, eliminates the need for paper and costly mailing, plus tracks and reports on all correspondence, service requests and financial transactions.

As a web-enabled extension of INFO-Tracker™ Property Management, Maintenance and Accounting Software, the OneLink® on-site property management platform is a single fully integrated solution that completely eliminates the duplication of data and effort that is typically required with third party portals.

Complete integration means your team will have access to every tool they need in one place; and you’ll have complete real-time access to granular and accurate business intelligence across the entire organization, empowering you to make informed business decisions and more effectively manage, forecast, plan and grow.

INFO-Tracker™ OneLink® is easily customized to meet the specific needs of your portfolio, and you only pay for the components you need. Plus the web and mobile-enabled infrastructure is platform independent, allowing universal access from anywhere at any time.


One fully integrated solution.
One proven, reliable vendor.
One point of responsibility.


And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

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