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Thank you for visiting my personal page. As INFO-Tracker’s Customer Experience Manager, I oversee non-technical inquiries from the initial point of contact through to resolution to the client’s satisfaction. I also act as liaison when needed, between customers and Netintegrity’s development and professional services teams, ensuring that the lines of communication remain open at all times.

With superior customer experience being an integral part of Netintegrity’s value proposition, we listen carefully and continually implement solutions and policies designed to exceed customer expectations. Please do not hesitate to reach out; it would be my pleasure to assist.


5 Steps to Acheiving Sustained Growth for Your Property Management Organization
Growing your property management organization probably ranks among your biggest goals, year after year. The more you invest in landing more customers, increasing portfolio size and offering additional services, the more you’ll see your profits rise. Of course, listing out these objectives and actually achieving them are two entirely different things. 

Why Treating Your Property Management Customers Like Employees Is So Important
Without question, the workplace is evolving and one of the changes we’re seeing take place before our eyes is what’s known as consumerization, or internal customer service. In other words, organizations are learning about the importance of treating employees with the same respect and attention as they would their external customers.   

Busy Property Manager? 5 Ways to Better Organize Your Time
One of the trademarks of being a successful property manager is having to maintain a schedule that can be incredibly chaotic. When you’re not filling out paperwork, you’re returning phone calls, scheduling appointments, meeting with clients and juggling any number of other tasks. This is why developing and honing good organizational skills is so critical.  

Embracing Diversity In the Property Management Workplace
Diversity in the workplace comes in many shapes and forms. It could involve striking a balance between male and female workers, melding several different generations together or creating cohesion amongst multicultural team members. One thing’s for certain, diversity can provide an incredible strength to your property management business, but only if you take the necessary steps to adopt, foster and promote it from within.  

How to Design a Killer Property Management Job Description
Any wise business professional knows that an organization is only as good as the people who are running it. The same applies to your property management company. Your ongoing success depends heavily on your ability to attract, hire and retain top talent, and doing so begins the moment you place that ‘Help Wanted’ ad. 


Netintegrity Announces the First Recipient of Its "Super-User" Award for INFO-Tracker™ Property Management Software
Awards Presented to Outstanding Property Management Staff Members of Industry Leading Companies from Coast to Coast. 

INFO-Tracker™ Gives Property Managers Quantifiable Insights for the Hidden Costs of Administration Tasks
State-of-the-Art Business Intelligence Tool Tracks, Measures and Reports All Actions Taken on Behalf of Each Client in Portfolio.

Resource Guides

For the past 20 years, Netintegrity has taken an active role in being a valuable resource to our property managment customers. Our partnerships with industry leaders in a number of relevant fields enable us to assist you and your organization with most issues related to building an extraordinary business.

The Property Manager's Guide to Creating a Corporate Vision
The Property Manager's Guide to Building Brand
The Property Manager's Guide to Building an Extraordinary Team
The Property Manager's Guide to Maximizing Productivity




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"To stay competitive, it is mission-critical to have a deeper understanding of our rental and condominium portfolios. Using INFO-Tracker™ helps us access a single source of the truth, which is vital to our business as we ensure stronger customer satisfaction and prepare for the future growth of the company." 
— Ted Maulucci, CIO, Tridel